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For homeowners in Space Coast, the air conditioner is an essential system. When all components are working at their best, you enjoy peak comfort, energy efficiency and better air quality. You spend less on utility bills and the cooling equipment operates quietly. Every now and then, you might notice some sounds that could signal serious problems for your AC system.

Here are noises that may be cause for concern:

  • High-pitched squealing – Squealing is often a sign of air pressure built up within the system, typically in the compressor coil. Along with wear and tear to components and escalating damage to the system, there are safety risks. If you hear high-pitched squealing, shut down the unit immediately and call for professional air conditioner repair from Kabran Air Conditioning & Heating.
  • Whistling – Don’t ignore a whistling air conditioner. It most often indicates a refrigerant leak. Once refrigerant leaks into the system, it can result in extensive damage and even require replacing the air conditioner. If you hear whistling, immediately turn off the system and contact the skilled technicians from Kabran Air Conditioning & Heating for repair. Do not run the air conditioner until the leak has been located and fixed.
  • Banging or rattling – If the air conditioner starts up and you hear a rattling or banging sound, there are several possibilities. A rattling noise is usually a sign that something within the system has become loose and is getting thrown around. For example, a fan blade may have loosened. A banging noise can be more serious, indicating that an essential part of the compressor coil is loose and moving around. It’s also possible the compressor coil is wearing out or the blower might be unbalanced. Any of these issues need to be addressed before causing bigger problems. Immediately shut down the air conditioner and reach out to Kabran Air Conditioning & Heating for repairs.
  • Buzzing – In most cases, buzzing is nothing to be worried about. There might be components within the cooling system that require cleaning. A buildup of debris in the indoor or outdoor unit, clogged air filter or dirty condenser coil can result in a buzzing sound. We highly recommend annual maintenance to keep your AC clean and running properly. If the buzzing sound continues, the blower might be unbalanced or headed toward failure. It could be that the outdoor fan motor is on the verge of failing. There’s also the possibility of unbalanced fan blades, refrigerant leaks or loose parts.
  • Clicking – There is normally a single click as the air conditioner starts up, indicating that the thermostat and system are in communication. An ongoing clicking sound that slows and speeds up might be a sign of a blockage within the cooling system. Steady clicking and an air conditioner that won’t start up is probably an electrical concern. A clicking noise outside is often evidence of a compressor coil issue.

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