Lower Your Heating Bills In Space Coast

Have you noticed a spike in your heating bill this winter? While it doesn’t get overly cold in Space Coast, you don’t want to pay more than necessary to keep a perfectly warm and comfortable home. Along with the outdoor temperature, a rise in expenses could be caused by issues with the heating system. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Inefficiency – Older heating systems require more fuel or electricity. Wear and tear gradually takes its toll, forcing the unit to work harder and run longer to achieve the desired indoor temperature. Most often, replacing an outdated heat pump or furnace with a modern high-efficiency model pays for itself by way of significant energy savings.
  • Leaky ductwork – The typical American home wastes up to 30% of conditioned air due to leaks in the ductworks. Even tiny holes and slight cracks at the seams allow heated air to escape. When the maximum amount of air fails to reach the various rooms, comfort suffers and the heater uses more energy to compensate.
  • Insufficient insulation – Have you noticed drafts around windows, entry doors or electrical outlets? Is the attic especially cold? The thermal envelope, including walls, ceilings, windows, doors and attic, needs to be properly insulated to ensure minimal heat transfer. This prevents heated air from escaping, outdoor air from getting inside and maintains consistent home temperature.
  • Neglected maintenance – Higher than normal heating bills are often a sign of skipped maintenance. Every make, model and style of heating system requires regular upkeep to operate effectively, efficiently and reliably. Annual inspection, cleaning, adjustment and testing allows us to identify and correct small problems, maximize airflow and reduce stress on components. With proactive strategies from Kabran Air Conditioning & Heating, your heater will operate more efficiently and cost you less in energy bills.

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